Our YouTube Channel gets more hits for winter time videos than any other topic. But most folks are surprised to find out that Rabbits are more comfortable in freezing temps than they are in hot weather.  After raising rabbits for 10 Michigan winters I can tell you it’s harder on the person raising them than it is the rabbits. Once the cold sets in their energy levels go up and they become more active and playful. If rabbits could talk they’d say “We Love The Cold!” Rabbits are covered in fur which allow them to stay comfortable down to -30 Fahrenheit. With a few simple steps you can keep your rabbits comfortable and watch them thrive and even reproduce in the cold.

Below are some videos that show you how to keep your rabbits comfortable and help you care for them in freezing weather.

Anyone who’s kindled rabbits in cold temps can tell you how sad it is to find frozen kits on the wire.  When baby rabbits are nursing and don’t want to stop feeding on mama’s delicious milk they can get pulled out of the nesting box if they don’t let go.  It isn’t the Mama rabbits instinct to protect a rabbit that leaves the nest.  This is because in nature a baby rabbit that leaves the nest can draw attention from a predator so the Mama rabbit will ignore that baby rabbit in order to save the litter. In the video below you’ll see how our rabbits kindle in the winter time and what we did to fix the problem and prevent frozen kits in the future.

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