Located in Bath, Michigan (15 Minutes East of Lansing)on Center road(Appointments only)We have our backyard Rabbitry that we call "The Rabbitry Center." We raise purebred New Zealand's. We breed four bucks and rotate four doe's providing unrelated and different color rabbits for our customers. Doesn't take long to make more rabbits but we try not to get too big so we can still give every rabbit personal attention. 

We pride ourselves on having healthy rabbits supplying high quality breeding stock for our area.  We feed a high protein pellet and hay morning and night with fresh bowls of water twice a day. They're picked up and handled often and never weaned too early to ensure healthy immune systems. We farm all our rabbits outdoors to acclimate them to Michigan's hot summers and cold winters. 

In the back of our property we maintain a Clover/Alfalfa food plot for the wildlife and in the fall we plant Oats and Winter Greens.  Every evening our rabbits benefit from fresh cuttings from the food plot.  We also alternate from the food plots to the yard(Chemical Free)cutting fresh dandelion and plantain.  

All rabbit purchases include a Pedigree(No Extra charge)/ To go Bag (1/2 cup of pellets and a handful of hay)

Appointments Only (Not Open to The Public) Click Reservations

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

About New Zealand's

 First off, their American.  Even though their called New Zealand this is an American breed which was started in California with some Belgian hares and Flemish giants imported from New Zealand.

Originally developed to meet the demands of the meat and fur trade in the early part of the 20th Century following the Great Depression.

The New Zealand is generally a hardy breed, They live for 7-10 years and weigh about 10-12 lbs. The Bucks are smaller than the Does and mature females have a big flap of fur below the chin which is called a dewlap, this is a flap that stores fat to be used as extra energy if needed during pregnancies and lactation.

The New Zealand is a very productive farm breed but also a calm rabbit and makes a terrific companion.  They're big, but remarkably docile and quite easy to handle.  New Zealand rabbits are very clever and can be trained to carry out simple tasks like coming when called and using a litter box and they'll quickly make friends with cats and dogs in the family.

New Zealand's come in all colors red, white, black, blue and broken.  Fur can have highlighted or peppered colors from mixing different colored rabbits which can result in "steel" color New Zealand's, which are not a recognized color by the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Are you ready to start breeding or farming rabbits?  Maybe you're just looking for a great pet. Either way, you can't go wrong with New Zealand's they're an all around good choice and constant supplier of fertilizer 🙂 

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