Some times they don’t breed like rabbits.  The doe (female) just sticks her nose in the corner of the cage where she stays.  Other times the buck (male) ignores the doe and casually hops over to the feeder and you’re left scratching your head.  Don’t worry we can help and we’ll show you how.

Before you even get started, make sure they’re healthy.  Look them over and make sure these two have the green light for love.  If they’re old enough to breed make sure the doe’s vent is a dark purple color and not gray.  This means she’s ready to breed.

A medium breed is ready around 6-7 months.  Some say 5 months or 5 pounds but I like to start around 6 months.  The bucks can start around 5 months even sooner as long as he can climb up and do the deed.  Does will usually be bigger than the bucks so it’s tough for the young guys.

When breeding rabbits it helps to have at least one proven rabbit out of the two.  This means one of them has already had a breeding session and most likely older.  Not entirely necessary but it helps.

Below we included two video’s that go into detail on how we breed rabbits at The Rabbitry Center and how long we wait until breeding them again. Thank you for watching.  

Get That Stubborn Doe To Breed

When Do I Rebreed My Rabbit


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